Knee Kinesiology Taping

Patella Kinesiology Taping From Above Knee:

Patella Kinesiology Taping Upper Knee Pain

Patella Kinesiology Taping From Above Knee


Patella Kinesiology Taping From Below Knee:

Patella Kinesiology Taping Lower Knee Pain

Patella Kinesiology Taping From Below Knee

This Patella and/or Knee Kinesiology taping techniques will help alleviate pain in the patella and the bursa behind it, whether coming from above, below, outer or inner knee. ¬†Patella and/or Knee symptoms are almost always due to faulty biomechanics, especially over pronation of the feet and commonly referred to as “runner’s knee.” Patella femoral syndrome, chondropatella malacia and knee tracking issues are other common knee conditions caused from foot over pronation. They are usually improved with this taping technique, also with foot pain taping, custom orthotics or Dr. Pauls VS orthotics.¬†

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Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

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