Barefoot Running Commentary

Dear Dr Paul,
We have been living barefoot for 1000′s of years while shoes are a relatively recent invention. How did our bodies manage when there were no shoes? Is it possible that all the injuries are due to incorrect running technique or unnaturally high mileage and insufficient rest in between runs or over-training?

Dear Saurabh,

Pronated Feet

Pronated Feet

Without a doubt many sports injuries are a result of unnaturally high mileage, insufficient rest, over running -training and trying to run into your 50‘s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  As far as early man who ran barefoot for 1000’s of years, he was about three feet tall, weighed 60-70 pounds and lived to 30.

Collapsed Arch

Collapsed Arch

The point in my writings is how to improve health and run realistically 60 to 80 years beyond early man’s lifespan.  It is also important to point out that early man was not running for pleasure, but to eat and survive.  We do not know if he ran without injury, only that it was a necessity of safety and supplying food.

Foot Alignment

Foot Alignment

As man evolved he became smarter and made choices not available to our predecessors such as living in houses, driving cars, going to school, using hospitals and having children vaccinated.  Early man “managed” without these things.  That doesn’t make it the better choice today to dismiss modern technology.  My personal belief against barefoot running is based on my 35 years of medical experience.  Even though I choose not to do it and preach against it, it benefits me personally, as those who choose to run this way fill my treatment rooms and feed my and other doctors’ bank accounts. That being said, the choice is yours.

Keep Running!

Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

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