Custom Orthotics and Sesamoid Fractures

Dear Dr Paul,
Oh my, I am a Crossfitter regularly jumping running lifting, etc. i was diagnosed last week with fractured sesamoid and am so curious to know about these orthotics? Who can I contact in the Chicago area about this?
Thank you,

Dear Royce,

The most important person to get to is an orthotic specialist and one who understands that your true anatomical leg length difference (probably a 1/4”) is almost always related to why you broke the sesamoid in one foot and not the other foot. I would sidestep over the counter orthotics.

The correction of your feet and leg length abnormalities is best done with custom orthotics. That said, a custom orthotic is not a custom orthotic. The best way to make orthotics is from non-weight bearing foot impressions usually done with plaster casts of each foot. Weight bearing foot impressions, i.e. stepping into a foam box, walking or standing on a footplate system allow the foot deformities to become magnified. Orthotics made from these methods are less corrective and beneficial.

The best materials orthotics are made out of are usually a flexible plastic that can be easily modified if needed for best comfort and function. This is where the experience and art of making orthotics can result in boon or bust! Its definitely advisable to get to someone with medical and biomechanical experience and preferably an athlete as well.

Keep Running!

Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

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5 Responses to Custom Orthotics and Sesamoid Fractures

  1. Sam says:

    Thank you for your help. I have been having so much pain from my broken sesamoid. I started to barefoot run about two months ago and knew it was a mistake right away. Now I will be paying with a permanent reminder!

  2. Laura says:

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