Santa Monica 5000

Santa Monica 5000

Santa Monica 5000

Had a blast running in the Santa Monica 5000 this past Sunday seeing  family, long-time friends, patients, teachers, coaches, world class athletes, USA Track and Field staff, other doctors, their staffs and making new friends!  Missed 3rd place in my age group by 5 secs.  Might have to fire the 8 yr old who was pacing me!  Yes, he beat me and was 1st in his age group!  I even ran in minimalist shoes, but fortified them with my orthotics, a special 1/8” cardboard shoe insert, foot taping, achilles kinesiology taping and compression legs.  Still content with 4th place-22:27.  Because you know I practice what I preach, here is a breakdown of Dr Paul’s race day tool kit:

Shoes:  Choosing the right shoe is important; I ran in the New Balance Running Course MR1400s.  They were awesome!  Thank you Garrett for the recommendation, manager at Toptotop running specialty store in Santa Monica.  I used a special insert to embellish the shoes’ strength, an 1/8” thick cardboard from the heel to mid foot part of the shoes.  This is similar to the boards most shoe companies last century used to include in many of their running shoes.  Today, I know only two running shoes that have them, Brooks Adrenalines (#1 shoes sold in running specialty stores) and Brooks Addictions.  Shoes can be classified as board lasted or slip lasted (no boards).  The boards make the shoes stronger and last longer.  Stump your local running shoe sales clerk by asking to see their board lasted shoes.  Don’t be surprised if they look bewildered.  Of course, I used my how to lace your running shoe technique to optimize shoe fit and prevent lace loosening.

5K Race Shoes

5K Race Shoes

Orthotics:  I needed to enhance my running custom orthotics to remove a little metatarsal pain I developed recently training in lighter shoes and also a result of this century’s trend of less strength provided in most running shoes, even stability and motion control shoes.  10 years ago we could get 500-600 miles out of running shoes; today its only 200-400 miles.  Remember, shoe companies are primarily in the business of selling more shoes, not less.  The new thicker metatarsal pads really absorbed the forefoot pressure and my race was pain free.

Compression Gear:  Legs are a must for me.  I did not need arm sleeves or a compression gear top during our beautiful warm and sunny California day.

Taping:  Kinesiology taping  is a constant for me, as I always tape on race day, but also reflects where I am personally in my running/training and the specific race defines the areas to focus on.  At this race, I taped my feet and achilles primarily for performance and recovery.  Running on the forefeet on pavement produces extra lactic acid in the calves.  The foot taping and achilles kinesiology tape can prevent this by 50-100%!  Crazy, but just the science!!

Nutrients:  I did not eat or drink immediately prior to this race.  I do this for 5K and 10K races, as shorter, high intensity level races can irritate the stomach.  Longer races such as half and full marathons require more fuel and are run at a slower pace and intensity.  I always pre and post race hydrate with alkaline water, Kangen water at 9.5 pH.

Keep Running,

Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

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    Good post

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    Very true Dr. Paul. I’m going to check out your suggestion about lacing.

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    I think every one is learning from this site.

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