Pleasures of the Golden Years

Dr. Paul and Scott Tinley

Dr. Paul and Scott Tinley

Started 2013 with a terrific 5K race experience in what I initially thought would be just a small local event for the Palm Desert Charter Middle School’s Science Department with a few hundred 12-14 year olds and their parents.  At the starting line I chatted with a fit and friendly 68 year old British bloke.  We realized we had both been in Hawaii almost 30 years ago when he was competing in the Ironman Race and I was there treating 2-time Ironman Champion and long-time friend from San Diego State University, Scott Tinley and others.  He then asked me, “Did you know Scott was at this 5K race today?”  I thought this guy’s a little looney, too many endurance events. To my chagrin, Scott was definitely there!  Turned out his wife, Virginia, went to this same school and they were there in support of the event.  Small, Small World!  Got 2nd in my age group-22:16. Guess who was 3rd? Looks like the tortoise passed the hare! Glad I was able to support Virginia’s Alma mater. Great healthy post-race food! By the way, the 10 year older Brit beat both Scott and me.

5-K Race Results

5-K Race Results

I have been running on a treadmill recently at race pace and it definitely helped! The ability to run this way forces you to remain focused on technique and to maintain a fast cadence, which can be difficult to duplicate when leisure running. Even though I’ve always been an outdoor runner, the forgiving surface of a treadmill, combined with an escape from nature’s weather challenges, offers a terrific alternative. See you on the treadmill!

I look forward to helping this terrific event grow.

Keep Running!

Dr Paul Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

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