Achilles Kinesiology Taping

Laura Conley Says:
February 11th, 2012 11:18 pm
Many Thanks go to Dr. Paul for taping my legs (see achilles pic) and working on me prior to racing! I won first place and ran my fastest race of 2012 so far! Looking forward to many more PR’s with your help!!!

Dear Laura,

I’m glad my orthotics and care are helping you continue to reach your goals. Thanks for being part of my Achilles Kinesiology taping article. Go Girl!

Keep Running!

Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, D.C., C.C.F.C.

Kinesiology Tape Achilles

Kinesiology Tape Achilles


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  2. Steve Ambrosi says:

    This tape job saved my running career. I met Dr. Paul in California last year and he is by far the most knowledgeable running Doc I have ever met. Becoming an All-American 800 runner my senior indoor season, I wish i met Dr. Paul earlier. After going through a bad achilles injury my last season in college i thought running was over. Dr. Paul taught me a few key tricks this tape job being one of them. He took me from limping out of bed, to ripping tempo workouts´╗┐ on the track again.
    Thank Dr. Paul!

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